UK Parliament to become a London wedding venue.

Under new proposals to curb the vast costs currently incurred by the provision of catering services to members of parliament, The Palace of Westminster could soon become a wedding venue for hire to members of the public.

The historic venue wouldn�t come cheaply as venue hire costs would likely be a minimum of �25, 000 per event. For those brides and grooms to be with unusually large pockets, the Palace would offer a rather unique wedding venue; the Terrace of the House of Lords is a particularly central and beautiful part of London and enjoys unspoilt views of the Thames. With pictures of the royal wedding still fresh in our minds, it�s easy to see why those who can afford it will see the Palace of Westminster as a strong contender for their London wedding venue

The annual loss currently made by providing catering services at Westminster is over �5M and this initiative is supported by many who feel that public buildings should be available as wedding venues and hire venues for other types of events. There are of course valuable and serious concerns as to how this would affect the daily business and security aspects of operations at Westminster and the proposals have yet to be finalised. Support for both sides of the argument is strong and formal announcements are unlikely to be made hastily, particularly as opening up the facilities to the public would need the approval of the House of Commons, House of Lords and the Queen.

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